Cleaning FAQ in Ogden, UT

What type of carpet maintenance do you do?

I have a Truck Mounted Steam Extraction Cleaning Unit. The machine heats the water to 230 degrees and maintains 14 inches of vacuum power lift. I bring my own 125-gallon tank of soft water; everything is self-contained in the van. My Steam Extraction process leaves the carpet softer feeling and almost dry after cleaning.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

In most cases, it will take 5-7 hours to dry completely depending on the humidity, temperature, and air movement in the home. However, depending on conditions, it may take up to 24 hours. We recommend leaving one window 1-2 inches open to improve air movement. Ceiling fans or other fans will also help speed up drying time; try to maintain a room temperature of at least 70 degrees, this will also help lessen dry time.

Can I walk on the carpet after cleaning?

When carpet is damp it tends to get dirty easier, if you really need to walk on the carpet make sure your feet are clean. We suggest placing a clean towel or mat down to wipe your feet on before you step on the newly cleaned carpet. This should also prevent you from slipping when stepping off the damp carpet onto tile or wood flooring. If you are able, avoid walking on your carpet until it’s dry.

Do you move furniture?

Yes, we can move most things. I use furniture sliders, moving couches, chairs, etc. from one side of the room to the other during cleaning. To avoid damaging your valuable items, I will not move things that are breakable, electronics/entertainment centers, china hutches, curio cabinets, or pianos. We recommend that you remove all the little breakable objects if you need to have it cleaned underneath certain furnishings.

Do I need to stay home during the cleaning?

No. You may leave after the paperwork is done, and payment has been arranged. I will lock all doors when I leave.

Do I need to vacuum before cleaning?

Yes, this will help to remove loose dust, pet hair, and dry soil, making your cleaning more effective.

How long does it take to clean the carpet?

Depending on how dirty the carpet is, and how many things to be moved. It takes about 1 hour for every 400 square feet of carpet cleaned.

What do I need to if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

If you’re in Ogden, South Ogden, North Ogden, West Haven, or Layton, UT, please call us as soon as you can. There is no charge for an appointment cancellation; Brenchley’s Carpet Cleaning understands things come up and we will try to work around your schedule whenever possible.

We do not clean furniture, dye carpet, or repair carpet. We specialize in cleaning carpet and tile/grout cleaning.